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We will be pleased to answer at most common questions:

1. At what time we will be able to check in and check out?

Most of the time our accommodation has to be vacated at 12.00. We require for quality cleaning minimum two hours so as result, our apartments are not normally ready before 2pm

2. Is it possible to check in early morning or depart at late evening?

If you are arriving early morning we would advice you to reserve apartment for the night before as some trains arrive in the very early hours or late at night. Half days are sometimes available. For instance if you want to arrive after 6am we will charge half a day, if you want to arrive before 6am say 4am then you need book the apartment from the night before, if you want to depart until 6pm you will need to pay pay half day, after 6pm you need pay for a full night as we can not clean late at nights or early in the morning.

3. Where I can get a key from accommodation?

Normally we give key to the renter after payment for the flat in full. This is going to be your key for duration of your stay and should be returned to us on departure. We do not deliver keys to unknown persons. Lost keys are needed to be reported at once so replacements can be made quickly. Cost of the lost key will be charged with additional fee for getting this done or arranging a master to come out to change lock.

4. May I book accommodation for one night?

We can not guarantee a reservation for a single night in our apartments. However we will reserve accommodation of your choice only if your booking is not less than three nights.

5. Do I need to pay deposit to reserve an apartment? We require one night deposit in advance. The balance is payable to our agent or landlord that gives you the keys after you have checked in. We are accepting credit and debit cards. Alternatively, you can pay by Western Union, MoneyGram.

6. How big security deposit?

This is normally 100 dollars which is returned at the end of your stay after checking that you have not stolen our very nice soft and really fluffy huge towels as that has been known)))

7. Are apartments secure?

Our doors to most flats are made from steel and triple locking. You can be assured of safety, if you loose your key ,do not panic. Just inform us as soon as possible. You will need pay for a new set, but we can re-code doors in a matter of minutes, your security is paramount and if ever keys are lost doors are always re-coded so you don't run the risk of the previous tenant returning.